Putting it all together

Productivity update! So, as I said before, my goal this year is to be more productive. Part of that is getting organized. I’m one of those people whose mind reflects their environment. I find clutter and disarray so distracting I can’t get anything done. But, rather than dig in and get things organized, I sometimes get paralyzed and don’t know where to start. So, I’m taking things in bite-sized chunks this time.

First up, this pile of stuff:


This is actually only half of the mess. That’s about five years worth of recipes clipped from magazines. Five years ago, I started putting them in binders so I could actually use them. Then I got distracted. And the pile grew. For five. years. 

So, when I took stock of all of our clutter, I zeroed in on that pile that’s been sitting next to my desk, my main work space, for (again) five years. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve spread my pile out on the living room floor, turned on the X-Files on Netflix, arranged all of my bits of paper by category and started gluing them to copy paper and stuffing them in sheet protectors. So many sheet protectors.


This is Sid, my personal assistant, holding down the “dessert bars” section until I get to it. He’s been a real help.


I’m currently about 80% done. It’s taken a surprising amount of time. But, the pile is growing smaller and smaller, and that’s encouraging.


I’ve also discovered washi tape. Can you tell?

Next up: Finding a place for my two giant binders, followed by actually cooking some of this stuff.



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