Check-In: Jan. 28

What I’m working on – I’ve been kind of scattered this week. I’ve scribbled out a few ideas for things to tackle next week and I’ve done some doodles. Mostly doing prep work for bigger things to come. I also scanned some old magazine pages from my mom’s collection to add to my store of reference materials. There were lots of goodies in these.


What I’m watching – New X-Files! And old X-Files! I’ve watched the first two episodes of the new run and I’m pretty happy with it. I think they did a good job of bringing us back to a good (re)starting point without it feeling like a “reboot.” I’m also re-watching the original episodes. I’m currently in the middle of season 4. I didn’t make it much past season 5 back in the day, so we’ll see if I can finish it this time.

What I’m listening toThe X-Files Files! One of my favorite comedians/people, Kumail Nanjiani, has a podcast where he’s going episode by episode of the X-Files. It’s been a fun companion to my re-watch.

What I’m reading – I finished Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds this week. (A Christmas present from my brother-in-law.) I enjoyed it. I’ve never read Scott Pilgrim (shock!), but I might after reading this one. It was good stuff.

What I’m going to do right now – Go to bed. It’s been a long day. My husband (who’s a whole lot more tired that I am right now) had two (yes, two) receptions for the art show he’s doing this month. It was pretty neat to see his art hanging in a gallery and hearing him talk about it to other artists and students. I’ll try and post some of the photos he took after we’ve both gotten some sleep.


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