Check-In: March 31

What I’m working on – I’ve gotten some more basics up at the shop. I’ve been plugging away at these listings that are all pretty similar, just varied in color and it’s been a good way to flesh out the shop. Having basics are important. I think I might work on something a little more complex next. Just to keep things interesting. And the timing is good because…

What I’m reading  My brother-in-law got me Khristian Howell’s book “Color +Pattern” for my birthday. (My birthday is tomorrow, happy year 34 to me.)


I’m excited. It’s a really good lookin’ book with a lot of good exercises in it for building those pattern design muscles. I’ll probably share some of my homework here.

How I’m feeling – My back continues to improve. It’s been two steps forward, one step back the whole way. Right now I’m just trying to get to where I can move without overwhelming pain. Then I can get back to exercising. Which will keep my back from getting in this state to begin with. And to that end…

What I’m watching – Spending my entire waking life at a computer is what’s got my back and neck and shoulders in such terrible shape to begin with. So.. I’m trying to avoid the computer as much as possible while I recuperate. So, I started rewatching Kimmy Schmidt in anticipation of season 2 coming out this month. I’m sure my husband can’t wait for me to sing Pinot Noir at him again.



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