Konmari Step 2: Not my books… anything but my books!

Okay, it’s been a couple of months since I finished Step 1, but now we’re on to Step 2: Books.

Our library/guest room/cat’s room

Okay, the main reason it’s taken me so long is that it’s hard to find several uninterrupted hours in which to pile up all my things and then go through them. I ended up going through all of my single issue comics over the course of a couple of weekends. I went from eight short boxes… to just one. The amount of space freed up in that closet is amazing. Thank goodness for digital comics.

Don’t worry. I kept the important issues.

That photo up there serves as a before picture, too. Because I’m the worst and forgot to take befores of both of our shelves.

Purging my books ended up being a whole lot harder than I thought it was going to be. And I was already expecting it to be pretty hard. Books are just things I like to have around. But… with space at a premium and every shelf in the house overstuffed, I wasn’t exactly enjoying them.

Also… I purged a bunch of nice books. Hard cover books in pristine condition that had only been read once. But, admittedly, would never be read again. And they weren’t bringing me any happiness from their attractiveness either. I was just hanging on to them for some perceived monetary value — which they weren’t actually providing me by sitting on the shelf. So… I did the Konmari thing and thanked them and sent them on their way. They’ll go to someone who’ll actually read them again and I’ve got more room on my shelves and in my life.

I also learned that I may have a craft book problem.


The problem is… nearly every single one brings me joy. I mean… guess that’s not a problem. I shouldn’t feel guilty about keeping the things that do make me happy. I guess the guilt actually comes from me just looking at them all the time and not doing any of the projects in them.

Hey, dumb-dumb. Stop buying sewing books and actually try to learn how to sew.

As I got rolling along, the purging became easier. Everything that went in the toss pile was a little weight lifted off of me.

I had some help.


This is everything that’s leaving the house. Minus a stack of cookbooks I added later.


This is the after of the shelf at the top of this post. The top¬†two shelves and half of the bottom shelf are my husband’s books, but my shelves actually have empty space. It’s been a while since I had that much space on my book shelves. I’ve been cramming things in sideways. The husband person even said he was going to go through all of his novels up there. I’m inspirational as heck.


And the other shelf… even more empty space! This one was packed full, too. If you look up at the very top shelf, you’ll see some old books. Like some of the nice, new hardcover books I purged, I might not read any of these again. But, the difference is that I love having old books like this around. They just look more interesting.

What’s that green thing on the top, you say?

Just a friend.

Now… I cheated a little bit. I didn’t follow the Konmari method exactly¬†and put every book in the house in the same pile. Because I’m tired and out of shape and didn’t want to schlep books across the house. I have a smaller shelf full of cookbooks in the kitchen. I did those separately.

The before!
The after!

It’s not a huge difference. Not even really noticeable at first. But there’s just so much more breathing room now. I do need to design something cute for my giant recipe binder, though.

And that’s it for Step 2. Officially Step 3 is papers, but that’s become my husband’s domain in the house. He’s got a filing system set up that works, so I’m not going to meddle in that. There’s a few things that I have in my desk that I’ll handle, but otherwise I’m skipping over to “komono” and starting with CDs and DVDs. I’ve got a lot of that stuff stored in the garage, so it’s time to go excavate!



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