Check-In: May 28

Well, I skipped a check-in last week because I didn’t feel like I had much to check in about. This week I just plain forgot. So, let’s play catch up.

What I’m working on: I finally finished this shabby-chic-y looking rustic floral venture I’ve been working on.


I’m happy with it. The images all pre-1924 and come from my mom’s postcard collection. I’m excited about how cohesive they all look, despite not being a “matched set.”

What I’m reading: I finished The Bees, which I really enjoyed. I realized I have a lot of pre-19th century bee imagery, so watch out for bee designs in the future. I put a hold on our next book for book club at the library. While I’m waiting on that, I got back to the X-Men and finished up the end of the Brood Saga. Wherein Colossus admits (more or less) his feelings for Kitty, Lockheed makes his first appearance and Storm is that one player in the party who takes Chaotic Good entirely too seriously.


What I had for dinner last night: 




Check-In: May 12

What I’m working on: My day job took over big time this week. It’s been super crazy. This is one of those times in the year when the publication stars align and I find myself absolutely swamped. I’ve stayed late a couple nights, and when I get home I’m just done. I’ve been doing just enough side work to keep the guilt at bay, but I still feel pretty unproductive.

How I’ve been feeling: Well, for the past three days I’ve managed to get out of bed early and exercise before work. Which is a major accomplishment for me. BUT, I get to work and feel overwhelmed and stress eat like whoa. So… I guess I even out a little? I’m hoping to drop the food and keep up the exercising when I start to feel life balance out again.

And that’s it for news, really. And just so this post doesn’t look so plain, here’s a photo I took of some pink oleander outside my work.



May Flowers

Welcome to my new little feature! I’ve got so many shops and items favorited on Etsy and not enough money to buy them all, so I put together a little shopping guide so you can shop for me! This one’s all about flowers.


  1. I love these thank you notes from 1canoe2. If I had all the money in the world, I’d have a desk full of cute stationery. And a lot of it would come from this shop.
  2. Look at this felt flower from BridgetStudio! I just want to hold it gently in my hands and stare at it all day.
  3. I love the pink and green combination in this Edwardian era postcard from Gather Antiques.
  4. I can’t tell you how long I’ve admired this bracelet from Nest Pretty Things. One day soon I’ve got to treat myself.
  5. Need a new project? This Garden Cat cross stitch pattern from Satsuma Street is super cute.
  6. This vintage English porcelain brooch from Orange Bird of Paradise makes a statement. I think it would coordinate well with a crazy hat at a garden party.

Check-In: May 5

What I’m working on: I’m working on getting my blogging act together! As a result, I feel like my shop has been neglected. But, I’m in the process of starting up a couple new blog features that I hope will lead to some regular (varied, interesting and entertaining) content. Fingers crossed that I have my first one up by Monday.

Other than that, I’ve spent some time repairing the quilt we keep on the couch in our living room.


As you can probably tell, it’s an old quilt. Actually made by my great-grandmother. Probably in the late 60’s (if the double-knit polyester is any indication). It had been kind of tucked away by my grandmother. And then I inherited it about six (seven?) years ago. And I’ve used it CONSTANTLY. My husband and I are under it any time we’re on the couch. It’s good for naps. The cat loves it. (Also, you might recognize it as the inspiration for this.)

But, 50-year-old quilts don’t hold up well to that much love. So, I’ve been stitching pieces back together and I’ve got a hole to patch on the backing. Drastic measures may have to be taken soon. The batting is kind of disintegrating inside of it, so I think I might see if it can be taken apart, the batting replaced, and stitched back together. Maybe we can keep it from being loved into oblivion for another couple of years.

What I’m listening to: The husband person got me listening to Hello from the Magic Tavern. We play Dungeons and Dragons and as a result, we’ve listened to a few D&D podcasts. But this is a whole ‘nother animal. Arnie, the host, fell into a portal behind a Burger King and landed in the magical land of Foon. Luckily he’s still picking up a weak wifi signal from the BK and can put out a podcast.

How I’m feeling: So, I went ahead and paid for a month of Headspace to see how I like the program beyond the 10 day trial. And.. I kind of love it. I never thought I’d get this into meditation, but I haven’t had a problem making a habit of it because I look forward to it every day.

Admittedly, I feel a little weird paying $13 this month for instruction in a practice that’s thousands of years old… but I do like Andy’s guided meditations. And I like the way he explains the process. And I like the fact that the app presents science-based articles about mindfulness and meditation and it’s uses in every day life. I don’t really want to get spiritual with this practice. I just want to calm my anxiety and improve my focus.

As far as the anxiety goes, it for sure works. There’s been a couple moments in the past 20 days where I’ve gotten that kind of fluttery, untethered feeling I get when I feel particularly anxious or stressed. But, just 15 minutes of meditation and it’s like I’m yanked back down to earth. I fully recommend trying the 10 day trial of Headspace (and they’re so not paying me for this) or look up and of the hundreds of free guided meditations out there on the internet.

Check-In: May 1

This is what.. two days late? I really don’t have an excuse. I’m kind of pulling myself in too many directions at once right now. Here’s hoping for a little focus next week.

What I’m working on: I had a little fun with some old vintage floral engravings earlier in the week.


And right now I’m working on some more vintage, turn-of-the-last-century flowers:


I’m hoping these will turn into something a little more complex. I’ve been cranking out a lot of basics lately, which is good for building inventory in my shop, but I do need to flex a little more creative muscle.

I’ve been having a whole lot of ideas lately, but I’ve put very little into action. I’ll start something, then go work on something else at the same time… and then drop them both for something completely unnecessary. And in the end I’ve got very little to show for myself.

I’ve got a few ideas for regular features on this blog, so I think I’ll focus on getting at least one of those put into the design phase next week at the very least.

What I’m reading: I’m currently reading Spark Joy, Essential X-Men, Vol. 4, and I’m still working on The Bees. So, you can kind of see where I’m stretching myself a little thin.

What I’m watching: Still watching so much Drag Race. Two more seasons and I’ll be all caught up and then maybe I can catch up on all the OTHER TV I’ve been missing. The husband person, a friend of ours and I went to see Keanu on Friday. It was a fun time. There were kittens.