Check-In: May 12

What I’m working on: My day job took over big time this week. It’s been super crazy. This is one of those times in the year when the publication stars align and I find myself absolutely swamped. I’ve stayed late a couple nights, and when I get home I’m just done. I’ve been doing just enough side work to keep the guilt at bay, but I still feel pretty unproductive.

How I’ve been feeling: Well, for the past three days I’ve managed to get out of bed early and exercise before work. Which is a major accomplishment for me. BUT, I get to work and feel overwhelmed and stress eat like whoa. So… I guess I even out a little? I’m hoping to drop the food and keep up the exercising when I start to feel life balance out again.

And that’s it for news, really. And just so this post doesn’t look so plain, here’s a photo I took of some pink oleander outside my work.




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