Check-In: May 28

Well, I skipped a check-in last week because I didn’t feel like I had much to check in about. This week I just plain forgot. So, let’s play catch up.

What I’m working on: I finally finished this shabby-chic-y looking rustic floral venture I’ve been working on.


I’m happy with it. The images all pre-1924 and come from my mom’s postcard collection. I’m excited about how cohesive they all look, despite not being a “matched set.”

What I’m reading: I finished The Bees, which I really enjoyed. I realized I have a lot of pre-19th century bee imagery, so watch out for bee designs in the future. I put a hold on our next book for book club at the library. While I’m waiting on that, I got back to the X-Men and finished up the end of the Brood Saga. Wherein Colossus admits (more or less) his feelings for Kitty, Lockheed makes his first appearance and Storm is that one player in the party who takes Chaotic Good entirely too seriously.


What I had for dinner last night: 




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