A day in the life.

Let’s talk time management. Or lack thereof. I’ve got a real problem with coming up with more ideas that I can start and starting more projects than I can finish.

Here’s what my typical weekday looks like:

11 p.m.-4 a.m.: Sleep.

4 a.m.: Get up and pee. (I’m very hydrated.)

4:05-5:30 a.m.: Sleep.

5:30-6:45 a.m.: This is a mysterious hour. I have access to it. I could exercise during it. I could meditate. I could have a quiet cup of coffee on the couch and watch the sun’s first rays filtering in through the trees. But, it’s also the hour my bed is at its most comfortable. So. You know. Sleep.

6:00-6:45 a.m.: Hit snooze over and over and over.

6:45-7:30 a.m.: Get up, shower, put just enough makeup on to make myself look awake, get dressed, have breakfast, run out the door.

7:30-8 a.m.: Commute to work. Prime podcast time.

8-11:30 a.m.: Work.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.: I’m lucky enough to get a whole hour for my lunch break. I usually eat and read, then do a 15-20 minute meditation in the car and sometimes run an errand or two.

12:30-5 p.m.: Work.

5-5:30 p.m.: Commute home.

5:30-6:30 p.m.: If the husband’s home, we have dinner and watch a little TV. If he’s working, I’ll exercise and then have a frozen dinner or something.

6:30-7 p.m.: Clean up from dinner. Have a cup of coffee and catch up on email, make to-do lists for the next day, etc.

7-10 p.m.: So here’s the three hours I usually have to work with. This is the window where I can work on things for the shop, blog stuff, social media “marketing,” and video games. (I will admit… there are weeks when this is just video games. But there are also weeks when it’s just work. And I’ll get burned out and have to spend the next week in Stardew Valley to even myself out.)

10-11 p.m.: Brush my teeth, read for a while, go to sleep.

You’ll notice that I don’t have any time for craft projects. Those might get worked in on the weekends. And that’s one of the big things I’d really like to have more time for. I’ve stalled out on KonMari-ing the house because I’m reluctant to spend the time going through my CDs and DVDs. I want to do more experimenting in Illustrator, maybe go through a bunch of tutorials for techniques I never/rarely use. I want to draw more. The husband and I would like to have time to just maybe… go do something? But his schedule is just as crazy. We’re doing good to get one day a week where neither of us are working.

My weekends are more open, schedule-wise, but that’s also the time we see our family and friends and I’m not going give that up. It’s also our time for necessities like grocery shopping and laundry and other chores. So… what do I do? How do I create more time?

Maybe it’s not that I need more time. I just need to use it more wisely. Perhaps putting that mystery hour to use? (Let’s not get crazy.) I started bullet journaling at the end of last year, and that’s helped a little.

I’d also like to improve my handwriting. There’s another thing I should take time for.

It’s at least helped me prioritize the things I’d like to get done first. I’m hoping by continuing to meditate, I’ll be a little less prone to distraction. Maybe I need to start looking into how extremely productive people get stuff done. Maybe I shouldn’t have rushed through this blog post in an effort to get to the next thing — at least that way I would have a better thesis and a more satisfying conclusion. Right now I’m kind of just stream-of-conciousnessing it.



The end.




2 thoughts on “A day in the life.

  1. Lazy Lady (@the_lyn) June 8, 2016 / 2:14 pm

    I have been told by people, who don’t actually “know” know me, that I’m crazy productive. Because I do the whole 9-5 (or rather, the 9:20-5:30) and have a blog and have a side business with it’s own blog, and I did the podcast thing, and I have three fur babies, and I have a “clean” home (when people come over) and I started a blogger brunch group and…and…and. But the truth is I’m lazy A.F. When I get home, I’m on the couch reading or watching YouTube videos unless I actually feel like being productive or have client work. However, I’ll spend my Saturday mornings through the afternoon writing blog posts, designing covers and scheduling ALL my social media. For the month.

    I’ve discovered the key to productivity is building a well oiled machine. Being able to spend one day a week producing content and scheduling things (thanks to my editorial calendars) has freed me up a ton. And when my creativity or productivity spikes, I latch on to it. I use it all up, getting as much done and created as I can so I’m not struggling to create/write/design during my slump times (like when my day job drains me and I’m basically useless).

    I guess what I’m trying to say is keep doing the stuff you love as you like, but all the other crap, like “marketing”, try to build a system that stream lines it for you so you can spend a couple hours a week or even a month (like me ¬.¬) and get it out of the way.


    • Annie - Paperdolldigital June 8, 2016 / 3:50 pm

      Yeah, the “do a bunch at once and then spread it out” is a thing I really need to do. Right now my blog posts and whatnot are so sporadic because I’m just kind of cramming it in there when I have the time, which is not good for anyone. I need to start planning the blog more carefully, that would definitely make it more efficient. (Immediately after I made this post last night, I pushed the tablet and Photoshop aside and played Terraria for 2+ hours.) 😐


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