Check-In: July 2

I’m a couple days late with my check-in, but it’s because I’ve actually been busy — not lazy! Hooray!

What I’m working on: I started digging through a bunch of public domain maps and decided it was fertile ground for playing with textures and color. Instead of doing just one pack, I decided to make a few. This way buyers can be a little more location-specific with their vintage map designs.



What I’m reading: I finished up Truthwitch. I really enjoyed it. The next book in the series isn’t published until next year. Booooo. I’ve just started the third novel in the Neopolitan series and I’m sure it’ll be just as good as the first two. You know, as long as I can contain my rage at Nino Sarratore.

What I’m playing: I was able to be fairly productive this week despite playing a lot of Crusader Kings II. Thanks to the new expansion, you can now pass realm laws expanding the status of women. So I’m spending my time building a medieval feudal empire where women are allowed to lead and govern equally with men. I’m paving the way for Elizabeth I to be perfectly fine with having the heart and stomach of a queen.


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