Check-In: August 11

What I’m working on: I’m still acting like it’s a secret… but here’s a sneak peek!


It’s a mysterious.

What I’m playing: I got the Humble Bundle yesterday. This one’s survival games, which I’m not great at. I paid a dollar and got Tharsis, Savage Lands and Kholat. Not bad for a dollar.

I bought it mostly for Kholat. It’s a survival horror game based on my favorite real-life X-File — the Dyatlov Pass incident (Warning: There’s some fairly graphic photos toward the bottom of that Wikipedia article). I was really curious about what a spooky, fictionalized version would be like. But… I’ll probably never know. I didn’t make it much farther past the prologue. I was barely pressing forward and whispering “no no no no no” to myself. No amount of Sean Bean narration could help me. I forgot that I’m absolutely terrified of horror games. I might make my husband play so I can watch from under a blanket.

Speaking of Dyatlov Pass, I’d recommend reading Dead Mountain if you’re interested in the incident. It’s very well researched. And it presents a compelling theory as to what happened that’s completely scientific but still pretty spooky. But, more importantly, it really humanizes the victims of the accident. It really paints a good portrait of who these students were aside from their mysterious deaths. Having read the book, and looked all the photos in it, I can tell you that at least the first five minutes of Kholat get the setting right. The town you start in looks like the photos. And after a disorienting walk in the woods, you find yourself snow blind… until you see the tent. And it’s immediately recognizable as the tent. It’s a heart stopping moment.

It’s a shame I hate heartstopping moments.

Luckily, my dollar was not wasted. I got really into Tharsis despite not ever hearing about it before I bought it. It’s got some of my favorite stuff. Space, strategy… and a little mystery. It’s pretty addicting.


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