Check-In: August 18

What I’m working on: Man, you ever feel sooooo busy but end up with nothing to show for it really and you’re all… what am I even doing? It’s a little like that. But still plugging away.

What I’m reading: I’m almost done with Valley of the Dolls. Guys. This book is a real bummer. But it’s compelling. It’s one of those things that my husband can’t believe I subject myself to. He’s got a pretty strict “No Bummers” policy. I do see the merits of this policy. I really need a palette cleanser after this.

What I’m playing: Speaking of palette cleanser… thanks to Pokemon Go and Griffin McElroy’s Nuzlocke Challenge, I’ve picked up Pokemon Y again. I started from the beginning. My favorite pokemon I’ve caught so far is a Skitty I named Syrup. She’s pink and nice and my friend.


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