Put a Pin in It

Want to collect some art but you’re short on space and money? Enamel pins are where it’s at. They seem to be a big thing these days, and I’ve seen so many great designs!


  1. This astronaut cat from Compoco Pop is everything I love in life compressed into a tiny package.
  2. I love the stained glass look of this vintage 1970s Russian oriole pin from Born in the Soviet.
  3. This super cute sugar skull lady from Lady Kerry is on sale for a limited time! Hurry!
  4. This vintage teepee pin from Coupland’s is a fun little design, whether you’re actually a member of The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland or not.
  5. Do you have a denim jacket and want to show everyone how dangerous you are? Get this sweet cobra pin from Stuff My Dad Had.
  6. Are you dangerous, but still love an adorable strawberry design? You’re multifaceted, comfortable in your self-expression and I like you. Shiny Apple Studio has what you need.
  7. Remember when I said the astronaut cat was everything I love in life? I forgot about otters. Luckily, boygirlparty has the otter thing covered.

4 thoughts on “Put a Pin in It

  1. ladykerry September 16, 2016 / 4:29 pm

    Oh wow – I’ve just noticed this. Thank you so much for the feature. What cute pins for my ‘killing it’ one to be accompanied by. I love your blog post title too!


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