Halloween Spooktacular!

Time to get creepy! Or as close to creepy as I ever can be…


  1. These cute costume horns by Bunny Bubbles are perfect for playing devil’s advocate. (Har har.)
  2. This skeleton cross-stitch pattern from The Cottage Needle is the perfect blend of cute, folksy and spooky.
  3. It’s hard to pick just one weird vintage Halloween postcard to feature, but this one from the appropriately named Mooncat Antiques checks all the  spooky boxes: black cats, owls, pumpkins, bats, a full moon and some witches just out to have a good time.
  4. Is this little guy from Flat Bonnie a bunny dressed as a bat or a bat dressed as a bunny? I don’t know and I don’t care. He’s adorable either way.
  5. Aw, punkin. (from Simply Sphynx)
  6. Don’t know whether you want to go cute or deeply unsettling with your costume this year? Go vintage (like this 1970s Ben Cooper Holly Hobbie costume from retrOKC) and you won’t have to choose!

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