A Vintage Christmas

I like old Christmas stuff. There’s something about vintage Christmas stuff that’s kind of cozy and nostalgic — even if it’s from long before my time and I’ve got nothing to be nostalgic about. Our own Christmas tree is vintage 70s/80s, mostly because 90% of our ornaments are hand-me-downs, but we definitely prefer it that way.


  1. I love the face on this choir boy figurine from GSale Hunter.
  2. I’ve never wanted a Christmas decoration more than I want this wreath from Olive and Trixie.
  3. I’m never not gonna get a little weird with it. Nothing says holiday fun like a print of the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians movie poster from Gore Store NY.
  4. No Christmas tablescape is complete without the disembodied head of Santa Claus. (For real, these salt and pepper shakers from Free Spirit Vintage are adorbs.)
  5. I didn’t even know putz houses were a thing until a couple years ago, and now I want to start a collection. I love this little church from Vintage by Claudine.
  6. And finish it all off with some seasonally appropriate music from Amalgam Vintage. (Laugh it up, but Gomer has a beautiful voice.)

2 thoughts on “A Vintage Christmas

  1. Elizabeth Ladner December 9, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    You probably could make a wreath like that if you could go through all the Christmas stuff we have in the shed. And that little church, we use to have one similar with elves and little bottle brush tree when I was a child. I looked for ones like it to re-create it, but they are now really expensive! It use to be the cheapest decorations you could get.

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    • Annie - Paperdolldigital December 10, 2016 / 3:00 am

      Yeah, the little houses and bottle brush trees can be pretty pricy. They sell kits to make your own, though! Maybe I’ll try that. And just save up my pennies for the most special unique vintage ones.


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