A Vintage Christmas

I like old Christmas stuff. There’s something about vintage Christmas stuff that’s kind of cozy and nostalgic — even if it’s from long before my time and I’ve got nothing to be nostalgic about. Our own Christmas tree is vintage 70s/80s, mostly because 90% of our ornaments are hand-me-downs, but we definitely prefer it that way.


  1. I love the face on this choir boy figurine from GSale Hunter.
  2. I’ve never wanted a Christmas decoration more than I want this wreath from Olive and Trixie.
  3. I’m never not gonna get a little weird with it. Nothing says holiday fun like a print of the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians movie poster from Gore Store NY.
  4. No Christmas tablescape is complete without the disembodied head of Santa Claus. (For real, these salt and pepper shakers from Free Spirit Vintage are adorbs.)
  5. I didn’t even know putz houses were a thing until a couple years ago, and now I want to start a collection. I love this little church from Vintage by Claudine.
  6. And finish it all off with some seasonally appropriate music from Amalgam Vintage. (Laugh it up, but Gomer has a beautiful voice.)

Halloween Spooktacular!

Time to get creepy! Or as close to creepy as I ever can be…


  1. These cute costume horns by Bunny Bubbles are perfect for playing devil’s advocate. (Har har.)
  2. This skeleton cross-stitch pattern from The Cottage Needle is the perfect blend of cute, folksy and spooky.
  3. It’s hard to pick just one weird vintage Halloween postcard to feature, but this one from the appropriately named Mooncat Antiques checks all the  spooky boxes: black cats, owls, pumpkins, bats, a full moon and some witches just out to have a good time.
  4. Is this little guy from Flat Bonnie a bunny dressed as a bat or a bat dressed as a bunny? I don’t know and I don’t care. He’s adorable either way.
  5. Aw, punkin. (from Simply Sphynx)
  6. Don’t know whether you want to go cute or deeply unsettling with your costume this year? Go vintage (like this 1970s Ben Cooper Holly Hobbie costume from retrOKC) and you won’t have to choose!

Put a Pin in It

Want to collect some art but you’re short on space and money? Enamel pins are where it’s at. They seem to be a big thing these days, and I’ve seen so many great designs!


  1. This astronaut cat from Compoco Pop is everything I love in life compressed into a tiny package.
  2. I love the stained glass look of this vintage 1970s Russian oriole pin from Born in the Soviet.
  3. This super cute sugar skull lady from Lady Kerry is on sale for a limited time! Hurry!
  4. This vintage teepee pin from Coupland’s is a fun little design, whether you’re actually a member of The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland or not.
  5. Do you have a denim jacket and want to show everyone how dangerous you are? Get this sweet cobra pin from Stuff My Dad Had.
  6. Are you dangerous, but still love an adorable strawberry design? You’re multifaceted, comfortable in your self-expression and I like you. Shiny Apple Studio has what you need.
  7. Remember when I said the astronaut cat was everything I love in life? I forgot about otters. Luckily, boygirlparty has the otter thing covered.

In Stitches

So, I dabble in cross-stitch. And like any good cross-stitch enthusiast, I’ve got at least three unfinished projects sitting around. But, I always need more. Here’s some I’m considering.


  1. I love this sweet little sampler from Steotch. Steotch is one of my favorites, I’ve bought from them before and will most definitely buy from them again.
  2. Stitchrovia has so many good patterns, but I especially love the typography heavy designs.
  3. Why not skip the actual stitching part and buy this tiny framed piece from Mississippi Mayhem? It’s cute and it’ll give you more time to work on all those other projects.
  4. And speaking of cute, little designs… I love this retro space motif from MidCentury Maude.
  5. And for more retro, try Tiny Modernist. These little kitchen doodads are going to be hanging in my kitchen one day.

Road Trip

Independence Day is coming up! I thought a good way to mark the occasion would be a little road trip across the country via vintage souvenirs.


  1. I actually collect vintage souvenir plates. But, in order to keep the size of my collection under control, I only get ones for places we’ve visited, places we’ve lived and places our families are from. So, this Atlantic City plate from TTLG Furnishings is still up for grabs…
  2. I love these iconic big text postcards. This Minnesota card is just one of many from Lots of Postcards.
  3. I’ve never been to Arizona either, so I assume this Arizona handkerchief from Vintage Dame is the height of desert fashion.
  4. Buy this trolley car trinket box from Cammoo, put your heart in it for safe keeping — and then you’ll never leave it in San Francisco. (That was clever, right?)
  5. I was delighted to find this WWII-era souvenir Biloxi (hey, I live there!) pennant at River Pickers. Greetings from Biloxi, Mississippi indeed! 😀
  6. You probably didn’t realize until now that you needed a full deck of round playing cards from the World’s Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. Luckily, Bingus Pingus Art has you covered.

May Flowers

Welcome to my new little feature! I’ve got so many shops and items favorited on Etsy and not enough money to buy them all, so I put together a little shopping guide so you can shop for me! This one’s all about flowers.


  1. I love these thank you notes from 1canoe2. If I had all the money in the world, I’d have a desk full of cute stationery. And a lot of it would come from this shop.
  2. Look at this felt flower from BridgetStudio! I just want to hold it gently in my hands and stare at it all day.
  3. I love the pink and green combination in this Edwardian era postcard from Gather Antiques.
  4. I can’t tell you how long I’ve admired this bracelet from Nest Pretty Things. One day soon I’ve got to treat myself.
  5. Need a new project? This Garden Cat cross stitch pattern from Satsuma Street is super cute.
  6. This vintage English porcelain brooch from Orange Bird of Paradise makes a statement. I think it would coordinate well with a crazy hat at a garden party.