Check-In: January 19


What I’m working on: Finally! It felt like the project that dragged on forever, but I got a Valentine’s listing up. I’ve got other Valentine’s ideas, but they’re going to have to wait until I get some St. Patrick’s Day and Easter out of the way. Maybe I’ll actually get them up in time for Valentine’s Day 2018.

What I’m playing: I’ve been doing a whole lot of Stardew Valley again. I think it’s because I’ve been mildly stressed and anxious.It’s a mellow little game that lets me relax while also soothing my control freak tendencies. It’s good for my mood, bad for productivity.

What I’m reading: I finished The Dressmaker last night. It was pretty good. I need to find the movie now. There were parts I had a tough time following because I don’t speak Australian. But man, if you want a good revenge story, check it out. Next up, I’ve got March on hold at the library. Seemed like the right time for it.

What I’m eating: Man. It’s been a long time since I had Pocky. I bought some today. It’s still pretty great. And dig that bright pink box. So good.



Check-In: January 12


What I’m working on: So, here’s a sneak peek of the project I started this week… that’s taking me much longer than I’d anticipated. I was hoping it would be live in the shop today, but I’ll be doing good to get it up this weekend. I kinda dropped the ball big-time on Valentine’s Day, so I’m thinking I might just skip ahead and see if I can’t get something out for Easter and Spring. I can revisit Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day this summer while I’m working on Halloween and Christmas.

What I’m eating: I don’t think I talk a whole lot about food here, even though I love it. (All of it.) But one of my latest obsessions has been Korean food. The husband person and I went to a tiny local Korean restaurant for our anniversary last week. We’d been meaning to go ever since we found out about this place, but it’s in a part of town we never pass through, so we just kept forgetting. But, it was amazing. I had the beef bulgogi, he had the bibimbap and we shared some kimbap. And it was so good.

Editing this photo is making me hungry again.


I’ve always liked Asian food. I’ve been down with sushi for twenty years now. We’re lucky enough to live with a large enough Vietnamese community that we have more than one place to get excellent Vietnamese food. I’m trying to learn to cook all of it. I’ve made some sad sushi rolls. I’ve gotten okay at making donburi. (I love a big bowl of rice with just piles of stuff on it.) I’m working on upping my kimchi fried rice game. (I made some for dinner tonight.) I haven’t attempted Vietnamese food yet. But I might start off slow, like figuring out how to make those pickles that make bahn mi so good.

All this rambling leads nicely into —

What I’m reading: I recently discovered the webcomic I Think You’re Sauceome by Sarah Becan… which I discovered when I was looking for bibimbap recipes. It’s a webcomic that starts as a food diary and a study in body image but it also includes recipes and restaurant reviews and other good stuff. I’ve never identified with a cartoonist so hard. She puts into comics the exact same thoughts I have about my body all the time. And it’s nice to see her overcome them. Plus, she’s really into tacos and bibimbap and so am I.

I’m only about a third of the way through her archives, and it doesn’t look like she’s posted since May. But, I’m definitely now a Sarah Becan fan.

Halloween Spooktacular!

Time to get creepy! Or as close to creepy as I ever can be…


  1. These cute costume horns by Bunny Bubbles are perfect for playing devil’s advocate. (Har har.)
  2. This skeleton cross-stitch pattern from The Cottage Needle is the perfect blend of cute, folksy and spooky.
  3. It’s hard to pick just one weird vintage Halloween postcard to feature, but this one from the appropriately named Mooncat Antiques checks all the  spooky boxes: black cats, owls, pumpkins, bats, a full moon and some witches just out to have a good time.
  4. Is this little guy from Flat Bonnie a bunny dressed as a bat or a bat dressed as a bunny? I don’t know and I don’t care. He’s adorable either way.
  5. Aw, punkin. (from Simply Sphynx)
  6. Don’t know whether you want to go cute or deeply unsettling with your costume this year? Go vintage (like this 1970s Ben Cooper Holly Hobbie costume from retrOKC) and you won’t have to choose!

Check-In: September 29

What I’m working on: I haven’t got much going on this week. I’ve been working on a pretty big custom order, so that’s nice… but not exciting. I did make a new banner image for my shop and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Yay! I need to start working on more note cards and invitations next.

What I’m reading: I got Where’d You Go, Bernadette from the library… but I haven’t even opened it. I’ve gotten so bad at reading lately. I’m the wooooorst.

What I’m watching: Here’s a problem I rarely have — I’ve got too much to watch. Season 6 of Portlandia is out on Netflix, and I’ve almost finished it. I’ve got 150 more episodes of The Chris Gethard Show to catch up on. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2 is happening right now and it’s everything. I’ve also for some reason decided it’s high time I watched Twin Peaks.

And now Lyn has me hooked on Eat Your Sushi (formerly Eat Your Kimchi). It’s a YouTube channel presented by Simon and Martina, a Canadian  couple who moved to Japan this year after several years in Korea. I have to admit, I was a little bit put off at first because the initial impression is that they’re a little overly otaku-y. But, they really grew on me and I kind of feel bad for the knee-jerk reaction. (Especially considering what a weeb I used to be.) And I’m kind of supremely jealous that they’re living in Japan and being internet stars.

Sometimes they find a lady walking a rabbit on the street in Tokyo and react very much like I would (i.e. freaking the eff out).

What really hooked me though is the look into their every day life in Japan. I love travel shows and I love food shows and I love Anthony Bourdain waxing poetic about global issues while eating pho. But what I find endlessly fascinating is how normal people live in other countries. Beyond the famous sights and cultural treasures… I want to know what houses and schools and grocery stores look like in the rest of the world. Watching a video blog by a couple of ex-pats is good for that. They’re figuring out how to live in a new country, not just visit it. Anyway, if you’re at all interested in every day life in Japan (or what to see all the crazy snacks they find over there), I recommend it.

Where I’m going: I’ll be MIA next week, because the husband person and I are going to Chattanooga, Tennessee at the end of next week. Hopefully we’ll get to experience a little bit of real life fall. Something we don’t get much of here in the subtropical Deep South. I’ll be back the week after with pictures!

Check-In: September 22

What I’m working on: Well. It’s the first day of fall. So, of course I’m working on Christmas stuff that I should have actually started a month ago. Also, it’s still 90+ degrees outside. I’m not anywhere near feeling holly-jolly yet. But, I’m giving it the old college try!


What I’m playing: The husband person and I had our first Pokemon battles. I was soundly beaten. But, I caught a super-awesome Skitty and I named her Pancakes and we’re going to be best friends and then he’ll be in trouble.

What I’m listening to: On the heels of that podcast series about Charles Manson, I’ve started listening to My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark and I DON’T KNOW WHY. I don’t really watch any true crime TV. But It’s always a subject I’ve tended to fall into a Wiki-spiral with. I like the podcast because they actual do the Wiki-spiral for me and there’s no chance of me accidentally seeing a crime scene photo. I do not do not do not do not like crime scene photos. But audio descriptions are fine.

True crime is one of those weird subjects. I know so many people (most, if not all, are women) who are super-fascinated by it. And they’re all really compassionate, smart, friendly, non-psychopaths. Karen and Georgia hypothesize that people who find true crime fascinating are the people who have the most anxiety about it. Which probably explains why so many of those people are women. I absolutely have anxiety about gettin’ got. (Among other things.) Maybe subconsciously, knowing all the stories is a way of preparing. If I know how SHE died, then I can avoid it.

(Hey, there’s a fun note to abruptly end this blog post on.)

Check-In: September 18

What I’m working on: I got another pretty basic pattern pack out. These guys get done quickly, but they also seem to be my most popular. I really need to work on expanding my repertoire of patterns so I can have a little more variety in my basics.


I think I’m going to do some packs of Christmas colors. Then… I might be out of ideas. I’ll need to do some market research and see what color combinations people need.

What I’ve been playing: Here’s the good stuff. Cause I’ve been doing nothing but playing this weekend. I got the sudden urge to play an old game — The Movies. I don’t know how popular it was back in the day, but it’s one of those simulation/”Tycoon” games. You basically start in 1920 and build a movie studio up through the years. It’s not… great. But It’s fun to take for a spin once in a while. The husband person found his old copy and we managed to make it work in Windows 10.

And speaking of the husband person, he’s been saving money he makes doing odd jobs at his mom’s church and he bought me my very own 2DS. He tried to talk me into a 3DS XL, but the 2DS plays the same games and is $120 cheaper. I’m very happy with what we got. (Except maybe I kind of wish the pink Princess Peach edition was available.


I’ve been playing Tomodachi Life and he and I started new games in Pokemon Y and X respectively, so we’ve been playing together so we can trade and battle. The family that pokemans together, stays together. ❤

What I feel like I need to be doing: I think I’m struggling tonight with feeling like I need to be more productive. But also I’m really, really enjoying just hanging out with my husband and playing games together. So this coming week I’ll be going to the library to get my next book, I’ll be putting up some new basic pattern packs and I’ll try and put together a new blog post.

Put a Pin in It

Want to collect some art but you’re short on space and money? Enamel pins are where it’s at. They seem to be a big thing these days, and I’ve seen so many great designs!


  1. This astronaut cat from Compoco Pop is everything I love in life compressed into a tiny package.
  2. I love the stained glass look of this vintage 1970s Russian oriole pin from Born in the Soviet.
  3. This super cute sugar skull lady from Lady Kerry is on sale for a limited time! Hurry!
  4. This vintage teepee pin from Coupland’s is a fun little design, whether you’re actually a member of The Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland or not.
  5. Do you have a denim jacket and want to show everyone how dangerous you are? Get this sweet cobra pin from Stuff My Dad Had.
  6. Are you dangerous, but still love an adorable strawberry design? You’re multifaceted, comfortable in your self-expression and I like you. Shiny Apple Studio has what you need.
  7. Remember when I said the astronaut cat was everything I love in life? I forgot about otters. Luckily, boygirlparty has the otter thing covered.