Check-In: February 5

Is it already February? Yeesh…

What I’m working on: Man, I’ve gotten way off track with designs for the shop. But, I still feel accomplished this week! I finally finished the scarf I’ve been knitting for my husband. It’s been entirely too long. I’ve got a bad habit of starting a project and then putting it aside and forgetting about it. I started this scarf when we first planned a vacation to Chicago. That got postponed by a year, but we’ve got plane tickets and a hotel paid for for this March. So the scarf had to be finished.

The Scarf ™ as modeled by my handsome husband. (You can see just a trace of handsome beard.)

It’s a very big, very thick scarf… which will be worn very rarely. The average high here this January was probably 70 degrees, so we don’t get much use for big, fluffy woolies. Oh well.

Where I’ve been: We went to the zoo yesterday! We checked out the Hattiesburg Zoo with my parents, brother, sister-in-law and nephew. We had a good time. Mostly from watching my 2 year-old nephew have a good time. The kid loves to feed him some goats.

Clockwise from top left: 1) Servals have big kitty beds. 2) This tortoise’s name is CRAIG. 3) This pigs have cute short snoots. 4) It takes a while to figure out what an anteater is when it’s all curled up like this.

What I’m reading: I always start the year off strong when it comes to reading. This year is no different. Currently on my nightstand is March: Book 3, Dietland (our current book club book), and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. I’m about halfway through that last one. It was loaned to me a year or more ago, but I haven’t dug into it until now. As with the last two Neopolitan Novels it took a little while to get into it, but once I got hooked, it really dragged me in. I think I really get invested when the narrator (Elena) checks in with Lila’s story. Because I think even the narrator finds Lila’s story more compelling. Elena’s life is definitely interesting, but Lila naturally attracts (creates? both?) more drama. Lila almost seems supernatural compared to Elena. But.. Elena’s the one telling us the story. so maybe she just seems supernatural to her.


Check-In: Feb. 4

What I’m working on – I got my first custom order on Etsy this week and I got it finished up last night. I also got this new listing up in the shop. More rainbows!

This, however, is what I’ve been trying to put a significant amount of time into:


(Note to self, find a more attractive place to take photos.)

It’s a scarf for my husband. Using this pattern he picked out on Ravelry. And y’all. This scarf is big. I don’t know why I didn’t realize it looking at the pattern. It’s bulky weight yarn on size 10 1/2  needles. The finished measurements even say it’s eleven inches wide. I just didn’t realize the magnitude of this thing until I got the first corner done. Thank goodness I have these super long, hot pink needles I inherited from my Grandma.

Its shawl-like proportions might be just what my husband needs, though. This scarf is meant for frigid northern climes. I originally started it when we were tentatively planning a trip to Chicago this March. Unfortunately, our trip got pushed back to who-knows-when. We’re hoping this winter or early next Spring. We definitely want to go when it’s cold. (He lived in Boston for a while and misses the weather, I just want the change of environmental scenery.)

Living on the sub-tropical Gulf Coast doesn’t give us much use for winter woolies (the Deep South knitter’s lament), so I jumped at the chance to knit us warm things for our vacation. Maybe pushing the trip back a year will give me time to knit my own mega-scarf.

What I’m reading – After I finished Seconds, I jumped right in to Scott Pilgrim. And… it was fine. I didn’t like it as much as Seconds. I did like it enough to speed through the entire series in a matter of days. I think really I just missed my Scott Pilgrim window. I would have been SO into it about ten years ago. I gave it three stars on Goodreads, but maybe four might have been more fair. (I don’t know. I’m not the harshest of critics, a book has to actually offend me before I’ll consider one or two stars.)

I did like comic Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers more than movie Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers. Not that I didn’t like the actors — I think maybe there’s just more room for character growth in the comic. But that’s just a matter of difference in the media.

After I finished that series, I started The Martian. Pretty good so far. It feels a tiny, tiny bit slow right now, but I am just at the very beginning. I think when it gets into full-blown Apollo 13 mode, I’ll be totally on board.

What I’m watching – Still X-Files. Man, I am so happy with the new season.

What’re you working on/watching/wreading?