Check-In: March 1

Oh! I’m the worst! I can’t keep up with this blog and I can’t force myself to schedule enough posts ahead of time to make up for my laziness. My goal this year was to get ahead of the game with both the shop and the blog. I’m batting whatever the worst that you can bat is. I don’t know enough about baseball to use it for analogies.

What I’ve been working on: I finally got some St. Patrick’s Day done!


I’m thinking I need to work on some new preview images for patterns like these. They aren’t repeats, so the little preview slivers I use now really don’t give you a real idea of what each paper looks like.


What I’ve been reading: I’ve gotten a lot of reading done. I finished Dietland by Sarai Walker and really enjoyed it. There were a few tiny things I took issue with, but over all it was really good. I also finished Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay, so I’ve only got one more of the Neopolitan Novels left.

And just last night I finished up the March trilogy. I really, really want more people to read those books. In reading them, I realize I knew the basic history of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, but it was never really brought home for me. And I’ve lived in Mississippi my whole life. The story is home. It’s a really powerful story and it didn’t happen all that long ago.

What I’ve been watching: I’ve mentioned before my love of all things McElroy… but now they have a television show on Seeso and it’s the best thing to ever happen to streaming internet comedy. There’s a whole episode up on YouTube and you have no reason not to watch it. Do yourself a favor.


Check-In: August 18

What I’m working on: Man, you ever feel sooooo busy but end up with nothing to show for it really and you’re all… what am I even doing? It’s a little like that. But still plugging away.

What I’m reading: I’m almost done with Valley of the Dolls. Guys. This book is a real bummer. But it’s compelling. It’s one of those things that my husband can’t believe I subject myself to. He’s got a pretty strict “No Bummers” policy. I do see the merits of this policy. I really need a palette cleanser after this.

What I’m playing: Speaking of palette cleanser… thanks to Pokemon Go and Griffin McElroy’s Nuzlocke Challenge, I’ve picked up Pokemon Y again. I started from the beginning. My favorite pokemon I’ve caught so far is a Skitty I named Syrup. She’s pink and nice and my friend.