Bad blogger

I haven’t been so great at the blog stuff lately. We got back from our little trip to New Orleans last week and I haven’t felt 100% since. I was dealing with some pretty intense back/shoulder pain for a while (this will be an ongoing theme with me, comes with sitting at a computer all the time) and was just pretty miserable for a few days.

I did manage to somehow get some stuff done for the shop, though. So go me.

Anyway, here’s some of the very few pictures I took on our little day trip to New Orleans. There’s so much more I could have taken pictures of. But again… I’m a bad blogger.

Beers at Barcadia!
The Victory Garden at the National WWII Museum
I fell in love with the credenza in our room at the Old No. 77 Hotel.
This lady was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
The Louisiana cochon on cabbage and picked turnips at Cochon.
Stopping at Lafayette Square to say hello to our buddy Ben Franklin

Happy Easter! I’ll be better next week!


Laissez les pancakes rouler

I’ve done a lot of Mardi Gras-ing. I’ve probably collected enough beads, cups and doubloons to create a second, slightly smaller trash island in the Pacific. I marched in smaller Mississippi parades when I was in the high school band. I’ve had a few two-day Fat Tuesday adventures in New Orleans.


(My last New Orleans Mardi Gras in 2010. I tagged along with the Krewe of Ste. Anne and a whole bunch of people who are way cooler than me for the march from the Bywater to the French Quarter.)

These past few years, however, my husband and I have taken to celebrating a kind of IHOP sponsored Shrove Tuesday rather than Mardi Gras. Mostly because it doesn’t involve standing in the cold for hours or walking for miles. And also you get to eat pancakes.


We’ll probably do the parade thing again one year. But for now… mmmm. Pancakes.