Check-In: April 6


What I’m working on: So my birthday was Saturday! I’ve been playing with birthday presents all week. Because I’m kind of a weirdo, I guess — one of the things I asked for and got from my parents was a Victorian-era penmanship course. I’ve been wanting to improve my handwriting for a while, so I’m going old-school with it. Maybe this will lead to some hand-lettered design stuff.

What I’m reading: I’ve finished from Hell and I’m still working on Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. My brother and  sister-in-law gave me volumes 2-3 of Chi’s Sweet Home, so I’ve got those locked and loaded for when I’m done with true crime and desperately need a palate cleanser.

What I’m watching: My birthday gift to myself was an iTunes season pass to RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9. So far, I think my favorite is Nina Bo’Nina Brown. I was intrigued by her promo look, but it turns out I love her personality. I’m also looking forward to seeing more from Sasha Velour.

What I’m playing: Man, it’s been a video game kinda week for sure. My husband bought me Rimworld, which I’m a little addicted to. It’s a space colony sim type game that scratches that resource management itch in a big way. There’s a lot of fun weirdness, too.

Persona 5 came out, too! Finally! We’ve been waiting for this one for… years? I’ve only gotten to play a couple hours so far, but I can say its really stylish and has enough depth that I got confused in Tokyo’s subway system. I’m not as immediately drawn in like I was with Persona 4, but that was my first Persona game AND it had a murder mystery. Judging from reviews, however, I’m going to be much happier with 5’s gameplay. I have high hopes for the story, too.

I also got some Steam money that might go to Crusader Kings II expansion packs and an Amazon gift card that might be used on Let’s Dance 2017… because I need something to counteract all this unproductive sitting I’ll be doing.


Check-In: Jan. 21

What I’m working on – I finally finished this!


A while back, I got the idea to put together little clip art bundles for each of the states. This is number two of fifty. I might have all of them done in a couple decades. To keep interesting, I’m also including a “fun fact” image in each one. This one is the fact that Maryland’s state sport is jousting. My Mississippi fun fact was that teddy bears started here. Man, I love fun facts.

What I’m listening to – Spotify’s David Bowie playlist. I was never the biggest devotee of David Bowie, but I do appreciate him. Listening to this, however, I’m suddenly realizing how much Bowie was involved in my long-ago karaoke nights. It’s making me pretty nostalgic.

What I’m reading – I started Jenny Lawson’s Furiously Happy this week. It’s about dealing with mental illness and it’s also really funny. I’ve never dealt with mental illness myself*, but I know and love people who have. This book is a surprisingly good guide for how to handle and care for people in your life with mental illness. Plus there’s good stories about taxidermied critters if you’re into that.

*I’m not counting the constant undercurrent of anxiety I feel. I’m pretty sure everyone has that. That vibrating tension is what makes us human… right?

What I’m playing – I’m trying to finish up Persona Q. Then I’ve got to finish up Persona 3. And maybe replay Persona 4. Because Persona 5 comes out this year and I’m gonna be ready.