Check-In: August 18

What I’m working on: Man, you ever feel sooooo busy but end up with nothing to show for it really and you’re all… what am I even doing? It’s a little like that. But still plugging away.

What I’m reading: I’m almost done with Valley of the Dolls. Guys. This book is a real bummer. But it’s compelling. It’s one of those things that my husband can’t believe I subject myself to. He’s got a pretty strict “No Bummers” policy. I do see the merits of this policy. I really need a palette cleanser after this.

What I’m playing: Speaking of palette cleanser… thanks to Pokemon Go and Griffin McElroy’s Nuzlocke Challenge, I’ve picked up Pokemon Y again. I started from the beginning. My favorite pokemon I’ve caught so far is a Skitty I named Syrup. She’s pink and nice and my friend.


Check-In: August 4

Well, I thought it’d been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Turns out it’s been nearly a month. July’s always a  little crazy for me. One of my day job’s biggest projects of the year hits its crescendo in mid-July, which means I spend a little over a week stressing and working overtime.

This year, I followed that up with a week of being sick. Nothing serious — but stress, extreme comfort eating and probably too much naproxen sodium aren’t great for the guts. One prescription for Nexium later and I’m doing just fine. I’m eating better, meditating again and just doing a better job of keeping on track. I even bought a new notebook to restart my bullet journal. Let’s do this!

What I’m working on: I jumped back in with something simple for the shop — some rustic ticking-style stripes.


I’m working on a new “product line.” I’m hoping to be able to launch a whole group of new printable products before the end of the month. It’s a little bit of an experiment, so we’ll see what happens. (I’m not telling what it is yet.)

What I’m reading: I’ve gotten just as behind on my reading as everything else, but I have started both Valley of the Dolls and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay. Both really good books that are just a tooooooouch depressing. I might have to throw something fun in the mix.

What I’m playing: C’mon. You know what I’m playing.


I caught a Ponyta in the Walgreens.