Check-In: April 13

What I’m working on: I’ve been distracted by video games in a bad way, but I have forced myself to sit down the past few days and work on some new designs. They’re in very early stages, so nothing worth previewing yet.

I also bought (with a birthday gift card from Lazy Lady) a “Wreck this Journal.” I figure it’ll be a good way to practice non-perfectionism. I have a bullet journal for organization and idea lists and this year I started keeping a standard daily(ish) journal. But I get a little too precious about those sometimes and worrying over things “looking right” probably holds me back from really getting creative.


I haven’t done much with it so far, but I did flip to the page that says “Make a sudden, destructive, unpredictable movement with the journal.” So I turned in my desk chair and really whanged it at the wall. It plopped neatly into the trash can. It felt kinda cathartic. You can see the resulting ding at the bottom of the spine in the photo.

What I’m playing: I also bought, with the same gift card, Just Dance 2017. I… really can’t tell you why. I thought it would be a good way to get some more exercise. And it kind of is. My heart rate certainly goes up. But this isn’t DDR. This is actual dancing. And if you’re one of the few people unfortunate enough to see my dance… you know I can’t. But, it’s got “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Single Ladies,” so I’mma tear it up anyway.


Check-In: April 6


What I’m working on: So my birthday was Saturday! I’ve been playing with birthday presents all week. Because I’m kind of a weirdo, I guess — one of the things I asked for and got from my parents was a Victorian-era penmanship course. I’ve been wanting to improve my handwriting for a while, so I’m going old-school with it. Maybe this will lead to some hand-lettered design stuff.

What I’m reading: I’ve finished from Hell and I’m still working on Mrs. Sherlock Holmes. My brother and  sister-in-law gave me volumes 2-3 of Chi’s Sweet Home, so I’ve got those locked and loaded for when I’m done with true crime and desperately need a palate cleanser.

What I’m watching: My birthday gift to myself was an iTunes season pass to RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9. So far, I think my favorite is Nina Bo’Nina Brown. I was intrigued by her promo look, but it turns out I love her personality. I’m also looking forward to seeing more from Sasha Velour.

What I’m playing: Man, it’s been a video game kinda week for sure. My husband bought me Rimworld, which I’m a little addicted to. It’s a space colony sim type game that scratches that resource management itch in a big way. There’s a lot of fun weirdness, too.

Persona 5 came out, too! Finally! We’ve been waiting for this one for… years? I’ve only gotten to play a couple hours so far, but I can say its really stylish and has enough depth that I got confused in Tokyo’s subway system. I’m not as immediately drawn in like I was with Persona 4, but that was my first Persona game AND it had a murder mystery. Judging from reviews, however, I’m going to be much happier with 5’s gameplay. I have high hopes for the story, too.

I also got some Steam money that might go to Crusader Kings II expansion packs and an Amazon gift card that might be used on Let’s Dance 2017… because I need something to counteract all this unproductive sitting I’ll be doing.

April Fish

Hi. Today’s my birthday!

Yeah, “an April Fools’ baby,” as I’ve heard all my life. Thing is… I’m not super into April Fool’s Day as a thing. Especially now that I’m older. I could get down with some silliness as a kid but now that I’m old, I just don’t like pranks. Or at least not the kind where one person is the butt of a joke. I don’t mind the annual Google prank press release or webcomic switcheroos and things like that. But I don’t like pranks.

Now, in parts of Europe and French speaking parts of Canada, they apparently do a thing called “Poissons D’Avril” or “April Fish.” This includes trying to attach a paper fish to someone’s back without them noticing (a mild prank I might be fine with) or false news stories with subtle references to a fish that will tip off readers. I think I can get behind this more than April Fools’. Mostly because it’s so weirdly themed.

So, in honor of April Fish, here’s some fish I like!


  1. My mom has a set of midcentury chalkware fish hanging on her guest bathroom wall. I think everyone needs a set of midcentury chalkware fish hanging in their guest bathroom. Like these from Shake and Pass the Salt.
  2. April Fish postcards were a thing at the turn of the century and I think they should be again. These elegant, absurd postcards From Penny’s Postcards featuring glass-eyed dead fish kind of wordlessly illustrate why I find the idea of April Fish so funny. The pretty fishwife is cute, but the fish delivering a romantic message kills me.
  3. And speaking of funny, the expression on this wall-eyed pufferfish pin from Fluffernutter tickles me.
  4. It’s not all jokes, though. Get serious about fashion with this leather fish purse by Bonspiel Creation.
  5. We’re not getting through April Fish without a pun. Buy this catfish sticker from Amber Morgan Designs.